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January 2015

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It’s Friday again already and the end of another week! Last week my blog was about my back pain and I am afraid that I have spent another week not able to do much and I wanted to thank all the lovely people who have commented and sent their love and suggestions for me which has really helped me to stay positive too through it.

Anyway I finally went for an MRI scan today – my husband drove me as I still can’t drive with the pain. I have had an MRI scan in the past and had been very nervous about the whole procedure because I suffer from claustrophobia but this time I was a lot calmer with knowing what to expect and as I lay down on the section of the scanner that moves you into the MRI I tried to regulate my breathing and anyone that has had an MRI scan will know they give you a buzzer in your left hand to press if you feel uncomfortable at any time. Anyway, they put the buzzer in my hand, but me being the nervous person that I am with scans, I had to test the buzzer, didn’t I just to check that it worked (I am sure they are used to people like me!) The operator was really kind and did say that if ever I had to have any other part of me scanned I could always go to my doctor for some kind of relaxing tablet! The whole process would they say take about 12 mins but it felt way longer than that and when he said it was finished I was so tempted to shout “I am a celebrity GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Phew! I was out and could open my eyes. So the results will be in a few days and I can actually see what the problem is and hopefully it won’t be too serious.


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Staying Positive Through Pain and Some Well Deserved Pampering

Have you got that cuppa made or that glass of wine poured?

Well what a week it has been and I firstly wanted to just say to you all how overwhelmed I have been with all your support and comments as I have launched my blog….. so many messages wishing me well and saying how pleased they were that there was something more out there for slightly older females.  Thank you for all of that – it means so much when you start something new and encouragement and support go a huge way in helping.  THANK YOU !!!!!!!! I know too that a lot of you watched me on a vlog with Becky …. I was literally gritting my teeth through the nerve pain…. And thank you for all the lovely comments on that too.  Becky is such a natural and made me feel very relaxed on camera.

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Winter Skincare and Dealing with Back Pain

So welcome to my first ‘proper’ blog on a Friday morning and I am very excited to be writing this.  It has all become very real this week as Becky, Holly and I were asked to do a photoshoot for two magazines – Good Housekeeping and Cosmopolitan for their March editions and we couldn’t contain our excitement.  Travelling down on the train to London my thoughts came to how lovely and special it was to be working with my two lovely daughters on such an exciting project.  We arrived at the location house and were met by the super friendly team of two Claires from Good Housekeeping and a photographer and wardrobe girl plus hair and make up and the same for Cosmopolitan.  I was struck by how friendly everyone was and helpful trying to help us relax to get the shots they needed for their article.  The location house was amazing – just rented for the day and I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk to the owner who is a designer and had converted this house with her husband…

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Welcome to my first blog

Welcome to my first blog which I am really excited about.  A new start for me in 2015.  This all began because I have always been interested in beauty, sharing skincare tips with my daughters from a very early age …. Even if it was just putting sunscreen on your face! Now they both have their own successful YouTube channels on Beauty – you might even have watched them or maybe your daughters have …. There’s Talk Becky Talk, my eldest daughter Becky and then my youngest daughter Holly Sheeran.  I love their channels and so do lots of my friends – they share so many tips on beauty and on life too and I so wished we had had something like that when I was younger, but because we are slightly older (only a few years of course), sometimes some of the products that they discuss and recommend aren’t really suitable for our skins.

So this blog is going to be about trialling and reviewing new and current products and a bit about life too, and my week and sharing ideas with women who want to make themselves look and feel as good as they can for as long as they can. I’d love it to be a place to talk through the realities of life that we all face too, the good and the bad!

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