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January 12, 2015


Welcome to my first blog

Welcome to my first blog which I am really excited about.  A new start for me in 2015.  This all began because I have always been interested in beauty, sharing skincare tips with my daughters from a very early age …. Even if it was just putting sunscreen on your face! Now they both have their own successful YouTube channels on Beauty – you might even have watched them or maybe your daughters have …. There’s Talk Becky Talk, my eldest daughter Becky and then my youngest daughter Holly Sheeran.  I love their channels and so do lots of my friends – they share so many tips on beauty and on life too and I so wished we had had something like that when I was younger, but because we are slightly older (only a few years of course), sometimes some of the products that they discuss and recommend aren’t really suitable for our skins.

So this blog is going to be about trialling and reviewing new and current products and a bit about life too, and my week and sharing ideas with women who want to make themselves look and feel as good as they can for as long as they can. I’d love it to be a place to talk through the realities of life that we all face too, the good and the bad!

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