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It’s Friday again already and the end of another week! Last week my blog was about my back pain and I am afraid that I have spent another week not able to do much and I wanted to thank all the lovely people who have commented and sent their love and suggestions for me which has really helped me to stay positive too through it.

Anyway I finally went for an MRI scan today – my husband drove me as I still can’t drive with the pain. I have had an MRI scan in the past and had been very nervous about the whole procedure because I suffer from claustrophobia but this time I was a lot calmer with knowing what to expect and as I lay down on the section of the scanner that moves you into the MRI I tried to regulate my breathing and anyone that has had an MRI scan will know they give you a buzzer in your left hand to press if you feel uncomfortable at any time. Anyway, they put the buzzer in my hand, but me being the nervous person that I am with scans, I had to test the buzzer, didn’t I just to check that it worked (I am sure they are used to people like me!) The operator was really kind and did say that if ever I had to have any other part of me scanned I could always go to my doctor for some kind of relaxing tablet! The whole process would they say take about 12 mins but it felt way longer than that and when he said it was finished I was so tempted to shout “I am a celebrity GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Phew! I was out and could open my eyes. So the results will be in a few days and I can actually see what the problem is and hopefully it won’t be too serious.


I have had quite a few requests to talk about my diet and vitamins that I take. I read a lot about Healthy Ageing as I truly believe that there is a lot that we can individually do to improve our health from within which also reflects on the outside. Having said that, I have definitely had to have some chocolate this week as when you are in pain I think you have to have some treats in your life and mine is definitely chocolate! For the friends that know me as well they will know that I am definitely happy to have a gin and tonic! One of my friends messaged me to say the reason that I was in pain was because I was putting too much tonic in the gin! Ha ha . One of the books that I have read recently on the subject is Patrick Holford’s The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing which might be a bit too involved for some but puts a good argument for taking certain supplements and ones that most health magazines and editors seem to support too. I went through a very early menopause at 43 which my doctor thinks was through the stress of my divorce and was a total shock to me as I hadn’t really had any problems up until that point. I have friends as well who have gone through it earlier when they have had to have hysterectomies in their 30’s and 40’s. All of this made me realise that I needed to look after my body even more and so now I try and eat lots of fruit and vegetables, organic meat where I can (but that is so expensive so it isn’t all the time), not much red meat, mostly chicken and fish and I try and cut down on the carbs and if I am going to have them generally tend to have them for breakfast or lunch. Every day I try and have blueberries or raspberries for the antioxidants but if not then I take it in tablet form and also take fish oils, zinc, magnesium and B vitamins and CoQ10. As we get older our cells are not renewing as much and we need to give them as much help as we can. In the winter I take vitamin D as well as you can’t guarantee enough exposure to that gorgeous sunshine and vitamin D again is important for lots of things such as helping you to absorb calcium for your bones and as we age one of the things we have to look out for is keeping strong bones. Oh and I also take a probiotic because again, as we get older the cells in our digestive system are not as efficient as they used to be and you want to make sure you are absorbing the right nutrients from your food.

Obviously the ideal is to obtain all of these from a very healthy diet, but we all know that sometimes this just isn’t possible so I like to feel that my body is getting the nutrients it needs.

Just like I think we need to look after the inside, someone wrote in and said that when you were very young pampering was a treat but as we start to get older then pampering becomes a necessity! Definitely!

So on to the beauty pampering bit this week and one of the products I wanted to talk about was The Body Shop and it is the Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask. Really when you are in your late 20’s/30’s you are probably well into a night time beauty regime. We all know those nights when we have had too many and woken up the next morning and our skin has been a disaster – dehydrated from alcohol and everything else. Our morning skincare routine is definitely a lighter routine after sleep and to start the day off, but the evening one needs to be one where we nourish the skin the most, as the nighttime is when most of our skin repair cells get to work when our body is at rest. It’s like the hours before midnight are also the most beneficial for rest and repair as opposed to going to bed in the early hours of the morning.


This Bouncy Sleeping Mask has A) the most adorable texture I have felt in a long while and B) the most gorgeous name which suits it perfectly. So …. A funny tale …. I am lying on my back with my little laptop perched thinking “I love this texture” and how am I going to be able to describe it to the people reading my blog and as I am closing my eyes and applying some to my face I suddenly open my eyes and the gooey texture has blobbed all over my laptop – fortunately not over the keys! How I laugh …… well at least my computer will be moisturised! The texture is just like its name – a gooey gel bouncy mask. It comes with a spatula to scoop it out of its lovely looking round container and I am impressed with the weightiness of the product and its sleek looks and it would sit very nicely on a dressing table or bedside table. It contains Edelweiss stem cells for their cell renewal properties , hyaluronic acid which traps up to 100 times its weight of moisture, babussu oil which is light and non greasy and products to help increase production of collagen. Ideally you would put a serum underneath this after you have cleansed your skin and then the Bouncy Sleeping Mask on top and this seals it all in for the night. I like the feel of the mask as it didn’t have that greasy feel that some of them do where you kiss your partner goodnight and half of it gets stuck to him! In the morning I certainly did feel that my skin felt very smooth and plumped … ha ha even Bouncy. Love that name ….


I used The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate underneath the Bouncy Sleeping Mask which is for young and old to help the skin become smoother and help in the process of surface skin renewal to replace the uppermost skin cells with new skin below. It comes with a dropper and you just drop a few onto your clean fingers and work it into the skin. When it comes out it smells almost minty and fresh and it works into the skin easily. Again 98 per cent of the ingredients are organic and I have sensitive skin and normal to dry and this works perfectly.

Then finally, I need a little glamour/happiness in my life and so I turned to …… wait for it my toes!!


These I treated to a couple of coats of a beautiful shimmering gold Essie nail polish going by the lovely name of “Jiggle High, Jiggle Low”. Essie is a new brand for me to try and I loved the quality of the polish and found it really easy to apply. I have had it on my toes for several days and so far no chips and it cheers me up every time I wake up in the morning and look down at them and every time I come out of the shower …. it’s a gorgeous colour …. Not in your face party style but cheery enough to make January feel a lot happier. I know I am just putting it on my toes to cheer me up as I am still having to spend so much time at home, but this polish would look fantastic on your fingers for a sophisticated romantic meal for two. (Just need the date!)

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s blog as much as I have writing it. Please do comment and share your thoughts and experiences with me as it makes it so much fun and if you have enjoyed it, please share it with your friends. Have a great week and we are nearly at the end of January … woohoo!

Love Gill xx

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  • Reply Becky January 30, 2015 at 11:22 am

    Yay loved today’s post mum, first thing I read, that polish looks so nice!!!!! Xxx

    • Reply Gill January 30, 2015 at 2:15 pm

      Thank you my darling daughter… that means a lot!! Love you xxx

  • Reply Toune January 30, 2015 at 12:04 pm

    I’m sorry you don’t feel better yet but I hope you’ll find soon what’s exactly the problem is and its appropriate medical treatment. I had a MRI 4 years ago before surgery to remove my gall bladder. I’m claustrofobic too but I went through it without buzzing! But its very stressful to be enclosed in that pretty narrow tube…
    That Bouncy Sleeping Mask seems great, I love the name even if I don’t have enough sleep between my husband who can’t sleep before 12 pm and my dog who awakes me at 6 am! I have to find a way to sleep more as I need it.
    I love golden nail polishes and this one is so pretty. I have to go and find one for myself. A little of gold in these dark days of Winter is much needed, isn’t it?
    I wish you the best. Keep us informed of your MRI results. Have a great week-end with some crepes perhaps because Sunday it’s the “Chandeleur”. xx Chantal

    • Reply Gill January 30, 2015 at 2:19 pm

      Hello Chantal, Thanks for your lovely comments and yes I hope the MRI finds out what is wrong. You don’t sound like you are getting much sleep are you? I don’t think I could manage on 6 hours sleep a night! I googled the “Chandaleur” and so yes, crepes sounds a lovely thing to have on Sunday. I adore them. Thanks for all your good wishes xx

  • Reply JoySteib January 30, 2015 at 1:14 pm

    I must admit I have been slacking when it comes to taking vitamins as I know I should. Your post reminds me that I am not getting any younger as all these are so very helpful and beneficial to me maintaining a healthy regime! Thanks Gill for the wake up call! I also love the nail polish and will definitely be on the look out for it. Next, that serum from the Body Shop is a MUST !! I hope by the time you read this comment you will have some relief with your pain. Thanks for taking the time to blog even though I am sure your back pain is screaming to leave it alone. :) Take great care my dear and love reading your blog post!!

    • Reply Gill January 30, 2015 at 2:23 pm

      Hello Joy – I am so pleased you enjoyed my blog and glad it has prompted you to take some vitamins. I know I love that polish too and it is one that is going to be used a lot – it really has the most gorgeous texture and colour to it. Thank you for reading the blog and hopefully my back will get better soon! xx

  • Reply Seana January 30, 2015 at 11:59 pm

    Yay! The MRI is over! Let’s hope that’s the worst of it…let’s hope it’s just swollen tissue pressing/pinching against the nerves and in a few days…Voilá! The swelling has gone away, the pain is no more…and Becky and Holly are chasing YOU around the park’s obstacle course…That’s what I’m hoping(:-)
    Like you, I think I definitely should have a proper vitamin regiment (I’m having trouble keeping up with my 2 y.o. grandson)…Why can’t we have our stamina match our life experience? You know…the more years we can claim the more physically fit our bodies will become. Ok…where are those vitamins? Ha!
    I should close now…don’t want a “novella” of a comment here! Hope the MRI news is even better than you expect, Gill…We’re all pulling for you! Until next week…take care!
    -Seana xx

  • Reply Seana January 31, 2015 at 12:05 am

    Hey..!!! Forgot to mention…that polish is AMAZING!!! It gives a Mother of Pearl sheen…gorgeous!!! Ha…I just had to let you know!(:-)

    • Reply Gill February 1, 2015 at 10:57 pm

      Hi Seana – so lovely to hear from you and your great comments. Yes I am hoping that things start to improve this week after I get the results of the mri scan. Fingers crossed. Glad you love the polish! xx

  • Reply Maria Omeara January 31, 2015 at 8:15 pm

    Thank you for yet another informative and very pleasant blog Gill. I wish you all the best in regards to your MRI results!!!!
    I think it was brilliaht idea for you to talk about vitamins, supplements and the importance of gearing up your body with the right stuff in order to look as well as feel good. I’m in the process myself of researching the best vitamins/ supplements one can take as I am a breastfeeding mum at the minute which occupies a lot of my time and I find it a bit of a challenge to follow a complete clean and healthy diet ….. plus my body craves calories all the time….Never the less its so important to be taking in all the good stuff. I have come across the following information which you might find interesting. Apparently the minute you open up the tube that contains your chosen vitamins and you expose your capsules in the general atmosphere that interferes negatively with the quality of your vitamins; for that reason it is better to consume vitamins that are individually packed. Unfortunately I cannot recall the source of the above information but I’m pretty sure it was a respectable website. It made me think that its not a coincidence that the vitamins for pregnant women by vitabiotics -pregnacare- are indeed individually packed…..
    I will let you know if I come across any more info on tbe subject.
    Once again thank you for a brilliant blog. Will definitely give the body shop products a go.
    All the best!!!! Looking forward to hearing your news and to be all positive for you. Have a great start of February. Love M. :-) x

    • Reply Gill February 1, 2015 at 11:03 pm

      Hello Maria – thanks for the lovely comments and very interesting about the comment about the air getting to the vitamins – some of the ones that I take are in individual airtight packaging too. Hoping that things will get more positive. Thanks again and glad you enjoyed it xxx

  • Reply Dawn Roberts February 13, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    No back surgery I am happy to hear about that! My late husband Russell had four lower back surgeries and none of them worked! I loved your nail polish! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day! Take Care, Dawn

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