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February 2015

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Hello Everyone and welcome to another Friday’s blog

…. How quickly they come round! This week has probably been a whirlwind of life experiences and I have had so much fun and loved it enormously. Thank goodness the injection in my spine has helped so much and I have been able to live life to the full, literally and keep going …. I just wanted to quickly thank you all for reading my blog, to those that leave the lovely comments , “Thank You” as it truly makes such a difference to hear from you all, and for those of you recommending me on to your friends and family, again “Thank You” to you too, and for those of you in the USA and other countries, a bit heartfelt “Thank You”, as I never expected it so soon. When I decided to write this blog, I felt I could only write it in the way in which I would want to read a blog like this myself – an honest account of my life with all the wonderful experiences that we have and writing about the loves of my life – beauty, some fashion, and experiences – some good and some bad.

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Hello Everyone and welcome to this week’s blog!
I thought I would just start off with a little review of my Valentine’s Day last Saturday … you know by now what a romantic I am …. Well the day started beautifully with my husband making me my favourite breakfast and then he gave me a lovely card and present then started apologising that my flowers hadn’t arrived. Apparently he had requested them to be delivered before 9.00am (he is a very early bird!) and he had everything organised …. But oh dear …. No flowers had arrived and you could see he wasn’t happy …… an hour later a text came to my phone that the courier was about 40 minutes away …. I knew that the poor delivery man was not going to get a very welcome reception as he was late. The poor man was probably going to all his deliveries getting abuse from men who had paid for early deliveries. Anyway, they arrived … and they were truly beautiful and my husband has to take up his complaint with the delivery company. It didn’t put a damper on our happy day though and we had a beautiful meal together in a gorgeous restaurant surrounded by all sorts of couples and family groups too – all out celebrating. Beautiful. I hope you all had fun on Valentines Day as well.


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Welcome again to Friday’s blog …
And again thank you to all my followers and all the comments that I have had, it is truly overwhelming. To the people that have passed my blog name onto their friends, I send my thanks and to the groups of people who have commented how they love their Friday blog …… I am so pleased. Firstly, just a quick update on my back situation as so many of you have been kind enough to ask – I have had the results of the scan and it shows I have a herniated disc (in some kind or sadistic way, at least I don’t think all of this pain was for nothing!) and have to rest a little bit more, take more painkillers and have steroid injections in my spine (in fact I had one today as the pain is still quite bad). Hopefully things will start to subside soon and the good news is that I don’t need surgery! Yay!!! How all this experience truly makes you value your health as I have been virtually a hermit these past weeks and all the people that know me understand that I am a very different person from that, but as I said previously, the experience is there to make me appreciate my health even more and look after myself as much as I possibly can.


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The temperature has dropped and so this week sees me lying on the sofa with a cuddly blanket over me as I write this blog and I am drinking copious amounts of cups of tea to stay warm… the joys of the winter. Just a quick update on my back as so many of you have been so lovely and asking how I am… I am still waiting to talk to my GP about the results so hopefully will know more the end of this week and the beginning of next. I will let you know how I get on as progress is slower than I would have hoped.


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