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Cotswold Relaxing Escape, Keeping my skin glowing with Elemis and a sneaky Stella and Dot purchase!


The temperature has dropped and so this week sees me lying on the sofa with a cuddly blanket over me as I write this blog and I am drinking copious amounts of cups of tea to stay warm… the joys of the winter. Just a quick update on my back as so many of you have been so lovely and asking how I am… I am still waiting to talk to my GP about the results so hopefully will know more the end of this week and the beginning of next. I will let you know how I get on as progress is slower than I would have hoped.


However, I was well enough though to be able to go on the most amazing trip overnight to the Cotswolds with my daughters Becky and Holly. Part of this was my Christmas present from them both so I was so pleased to be spending some time with them and also having a relax at the same time. We arrived at the beautiful Dormy House, near Broadway in the Cotswolds and as we walked up to the reception you immediately felt you had walked through the doors of relaxation. Right through from the beautiful décor, through to the highly trained and super friendly staff, to the award winning food, sourced locally as much as possible and then to the award winning spa too … Dormy House is a boutique hotel and spa that’s out of this world. Real fires burn in the cosy lounges,

wellington boots are available to wear if you have forgotten yours, the game Scrabble is set out in one of the rooms for you to settle down and play in the evening and you really feel like you are staying in your own absolutely amazing country farmhouse! (I wish!)


The girls and I had some super fish and chips for supper and they also had an apple crumble that was to die for (we weren’t calorie counting on this trip!)– all beautifully presented and so tasty.


Their breakfast was a delight with either a Bloody Mary or a Bucks Fizz to start your day off and then gorgeous home made yoghurts, fresh fruit and delicious cooked alternatives as well. Cute little touches everywhere (such as the toast coming in this little drawstring bag which kept it so lovely and warm) and I have popped some photos in for you to look at.


The bedrooms were luxurious with underfloor heating in the bathroom and gorgeous bathrobes, slippers, beautiful Temple Spa beauty products and home baked cookies fresh in a jar for you. Modern touches as well such as pressing an icon on an Ipad which ordered fresh milk to be sent up to your room for that delicious cup of tea or coffee that you were going to have, keeps Dormy House right up there with technology.

Their spa treatments though, are truly amazing …. Even at the beginning of a treatment you are given a little smoothie – ours was a delicious raspberry and apple and also a fragranced flannel to cleanse your face or hands… or both


…then after what was probably the best facial I have EVER had .. in fact I actually felt myself falling asleep on several occasions and tried to stay awake throughout it… you were taken back into a relaxing area with a log fire and served up with a post treatment sorbet and glass of water ….beautiful touch. I have genuinely never felt as relaxed or at home as I did. The following morning I had a pedicure in what has to the most glamorous Champagne Nail Parlour I have seen – take a look at the photos.


Ciate is their brand of choice for nail polish and I went for a cute baby pink colour to brighten up my winter toes… We truly pampered ourselves and came back so relaxed.


Life is so chaotic and stressful for so many people, isn’t it, and spas have grown so much over the past years in answer to what we all want nowadays – the opportunity to take yourself away somewhere completely different, with family or friends, where people aren’t on their mobile phones all day, and where you actually get the chance to sit down and chat … about things that you normally don’t have time for. I truly cherish these times and tell Becky and Holly frequently that there is nothing better.


To continue the good work which the spa had done on my skin I actually found an amazing bargain for Elemis anti ageing range on the shopping channel QVC! I have never used QVC before – I think my husband has tried to keep me away from it as he thinks it might be dangerous … but I found 5 products which included the Pro Radiance Cream Cleanser, the Gentle Rose Exfoliator, Pro Intense Eye and Lip Cream, a brand new Pro Intense Lift Effect Day Cream and a Pro Intense Lift Effect Night Cream on there and instead of them being nearly £200, I got all 5 for just over £60!


They also came in a beautiful dusky pink cosmetic bag to keep them all in one place and this range particularly is so good for firming and lifting the skin in the cheeks and jowls area.   These will last me for months so to me that is incredibly good value. I might even be venturing back on to QVC if you can get bargains like that! I love Elemis!

Spring has not sprung yet but it didn’t stop the magpie in me spying a gorgeous necklace that I saw online from the company Stella and Dot.


This adorable necklace is called Birdie and is made of leather and chiffon petals and you can either wear it as a statement necklace


or it is so versatile that you can actually detach the petals off the back and wear the vintage gold necklace alone with sparkle or reverse it for a solid gold shimmer – that’s a lot of ways to wear one necklace. It arrived the other day in their beautiful packaging and I was so excited and not disappointed either from the photograph. It looks great in the winter over black but it also will look good over the spring colours of blush, pale coral or a pale grey colour. I am going to enjoy wearing this piece.

That’s it for this week – let me know if any of you have been to Dormy House and what you thought of it? How about any experiences with QVC? I would love to hear from you all as always and thank you again to everyone who has been contacting me supporting me through my back problem. It means a lot to me to know that you have been thinking of me.

Love Gill xx

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  • Reply JoySteib February 6, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    Gill, we have lots of spas in the states but NOTHING like what you just described above to us!! It looks and sounds amazing! No, I mean heavenly and I have to say I am quite jealous at the moment!! (lol) So happy your back is starting to feel better. I shop QVC often and think I may have to give Elemis a try! Thanks for the review and the Stella and Dot collection just melted my heart with its beauty! Most of all thank you for sharing your wonderful experience at the Cotswold with your girls with us! I can tell it is a MUST if ever I have the pleasure of visiting over there! Thanks again for the share!! <3

    • Reply Gill February 6, 2015 at 5:17 pm

      Hello Joy, It’s lovely to hear from you and I am so pleased that you enjoyed the blog. It’s wonderful to think that people are reading it so far away. Yes, if ever you get the opportunity to come to the UK the Cotswolds are a MUST! Thank you again for your lovely comments and support. I heard from my GP today that I have a slipped disc (bulging disc) and that is what is pressing on the nerve but that it should heal itself over time and no need for surgery at the moment. I am so pleased that I do not have to have an operation! I want to get out there and experience life! Love Gill x

  • Reply Joanne Boyce February 6, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    Hi Gill
    Have been a subscriber to Beckys YouTube channel for a while(she is such a lovely girl), and this has led me to your blog. I am delighted to find it, as I am 44 yrs old and feel us older folk aren’t very well represented in the beauty world. Please consider doing a YouTube channel I would love it and am quite sure loads of other ladies would. Hope your back is improving and your weekend away looked pure divine, perfect girlie time. QVC and I have been acquainted for a long time, I love it they do fab ranges like Elemis, Decleor, Liz Earle to name a few. It’s fab when they offer easy pay instalments, I am sure you will become addicted to it now too.

    Look forward to your next post
    Joanne xx

    • Reply Gill February 6, 2015 at 5:32 pm

      Hello Joanne,,
      It’s so lovely of you to reply in such a detailed way and I am really appreciative of the support that I have received since I started my blog. Becky is amazing isn’t she and so too is my other daughter, Holly – they are different characters but just both very good at what they do. I am so pleased you found me from Becky’s channel. There is a part of me that feels I should set up a YouTube channel but there is a part of me that thinks “What happens if I only get 3 views? Lol” I started all of this for exactly the reason that you have stated and one of my other reasons was also to try and get more “older” ladies watching YouTube as I am not sure how they would find me. I really value your opinion as you are clearly well up with the latest technology and I too love the whole YouTube thing. Do you think there are enough people out there that would watch an “older ” woman on YouTube?? Thanks again for all your thoughts. Gill xx

    • Reply JoySteib February 7, 2015 at 1:39 pm

      Oh that is such wonderful news Gill!! So happy there is pain-free in sight to come!! Thanks for the update and I look forward to your next blog post!! Take great care until then!! <3

  • Reply Joanne Boyce February 6, 2015 at 7:12 pm

    Hi Gill
    Yes I definately do. I don’t have one myself but I love to watch them there are quite a few older ladies out there but most of them are American they are lovely but unfortunately for us Brits we cannot buy a lot of their products, so would love to see a few more older British ladies. I will list a few for you to look at and see what you think but most of them have a lot of followers. You will do great I thought you were a natural on Beckys vlog, check out these ones;
    Hotandflashy (American lady Angie)
    Uppiesbeads39 (American lady Tammy)
    Sugarpuffandfluff (Polish lady who lives in uk called Nisha, she’s great)
    Mammafulzo (British lady called Zoe)
    All these ladies are in their 40’s and 50’s
    Let me know what you think
    BTW I have a Hollie spelt different to yours, she is 15 and likes Zoella

    Lots of Love
    Joanne xx

    • Reply Gill February 7, 2015 at 10:23 pm

      Hello Joanne – thanks for all of these and I will have a look. Lots of love too xx

  • Reply Tudy Ellis February 9, 2015 at 1:55 pm

    Thank you Gill I feel like I was right there with you! What a lovely time with your girls and you came out feeling like a princess! Have a wonderful week.
    Big hugs from Texas!

  • Reply laura February 12, 2015 at 8:40 pm

    Would love it if you did videos on youtube x

    • Reply Gill February 13, 2015 at 12:59 pm

      Hi Laura – thanks for the lovely comment. I am probably going to do a few videos with Becky and Holly initially to help me get started! I just hope people will watch me! x

  • Reply Olivia Scott February 13, 2015 at 2:11 pm

    Hi Gill,

    Really enjoying your posts I’m going to share these with my mum because I think she will really enjoy them too! Your stay at Downey House looks and sounds idyllic!

    Olivia x

  • Reply Emma February 13, 2015 at 2:23 pm

    That hotel looks amazing gonna have a look at that for my birthday or even mothers day for my mum and nan but not as gorgeous as that necklace

    • Reply Gill February 13, 2015 at 3:46 pm

      Hi Emma – thanks for reading the blog. Yes that hotel is truly amazing and so so friendly. For a special occasion it is the best!!! I hope you are able to go. I love Stella and Dot and will be wearing that necklace a lot as it goes with so many things. x

    Leave a Reply