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Hello again Lovelies,

Welcome to this week’s blog in the life of me!! Thanks for all your lovely comments on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the blog itself. It means the world to me all the feedback that I get and all the positive comments that I have received. Since starting this blog I have received some of the loveliest emails/comments, some from people that I haven’t even met from all over the world which is still to me, amazing to believe and to know that people are reading this so far afield is wonderful. An email was sent to me today, just before I had to go in for some treatment on my neck and back with needles which help to relax the muscles, something I never really look forward to, but if does help, and I read this email before I went into the practice. In the email this person was writing to say what a difference my blog and those of my daughter’s have made to her life and given her the confidence to use lovely skincare again and try different make ups – she is excited about her life again, having passed 40 a while ago and loves what we do. The email was quite lengthy and she went into a bit more detail about everything but as I read it I welled up with tears of happiness in the car for this lady who has had a bit of a tough time in the past and now is so excited and happy about the future and about herself. That’s my point …. we all want to feel good about ourselves and look as good as possible for as long as possible …. and she is well on the way to that now. I felt so happy inside…. x

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Hello again lovelies,


Welcome to this week’s blog and another week in the life of ……. So to start of course, we had the lovely Mother’s Day, which I absolutely adore and I hope all you Mums out there were massively spoilt too on our special day. My girls arrived to cook my husband and I brunch which we thought was fantastic … so salmon and scrambled eggs and wonderful bacon etc were produced and devoured around our kitchen table. They arrived with a very large parcel (and the puppies of course to wish me Happy Mother’s Day) and my first thoughts were that it was an enormous picture – say a huge family photo of us all and I was beginning to wonder where I was going to put this enormous photo …. but when I opened the box, ha ha ….. it turned out to be a Queen of Mums Throne, which I needed to construct (supplied by the Body Shop to various Mums ) and then sit on and be treated like a Queen all day …. well, it did say constructed in 20 minutes, but if you have ever had the pleasure of building flat pack you will be well aware that it takes at least double that time, which indeed this did and it took 3 of us to work out how to assemble it. Anyway, it was a bit of fun, amongst the disagreement of which pieces went where and you can see the photo below … Needless to say I was treated like a Queen all day long.

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Hello Lovelies


Another week passed and again, so quickly, and to give you a quick update on the last week, my husband is out of hospital and doing so much better and I have also had a gorgeous week of snuggles with the two puppies Bee and Penelope whilst Becky and Holly have been away,  but here in the UK the weather is warming and how good that makes me feel to just be able to go out without my winter coat occasionally. (Got the sunglasses on too! Sunshine means Spring clothes and Spring make up and everyone starts to think and plan for the events that they have coming up this summer – whether it is a wedding, special birthday or just some special time with family and friends. In the UK we have Mother’s Day on Sunday and so this edition will be mainly about that and I am going to be doing a Mother’s Day make up look, but this could be applied for any daytime event … it doesn’t just have to be Mother’s Day. I am doing this in conjunction with Holly’s YouTube channel – if you have had a look and she is doing her make up and I am going to try and talk through mine in my blog.

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Hello Lovelies

Welcome to my Friday blog and as I commence this blog each week I always have that slight feeling that my week will have been dull and boring and nothing to talk about to you all ….. but yet again, another busy week with lots happening … some good and some bad as we all must have in life.

It started with the lovely event of my birthday and funnily enough …. each year I think my husband is going to buy me a puppy and this year was no exception … so I was lying awake the night before my birthday thinking with slight anticipation that he would this year. It took me quite a while to get off to sleep and I awoke the next morning and when he gave me my presents one was a wheeley suitcase and I did have to ask him if the puppy was inside … definitely not! I also got a beautiful new computer on which to write my blog etc as my other was many years old and beginning to slow massively with all the photos etc that I had on it. Definitely no puppy though … he seems to think that because my daughters have new puppies then that will keep me happy…. which of course they do but I am sure that even next year I will have the same thought the night before. Each year your birthday comes round and each year you say as you get older that you are not that fussed about birthdays … but then your friends and family spoil you and give you gorgeous presents and surprises and you quickly realise that actually you love birthdays! I was lucky enough to go for meals with friends and then on my birthday a great chinese meal with family.


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