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Hello Lovelies and another week passed ….This week saw us driving down to see an old friend who actually isn’t very well and so I am making the most of the chances to see him whilst he is still ok. Friends are so important in life aren’t they … so it was an opportunity to put on a nice dress and go out for some Saturday lunch at one of our cute English pubs.


This week also saw me trying to do some physio exercises after 3 months of not exercising very much with my back. I went to see a great physio but I had to laugh as I literally couldn’t move the next day after doing the exercises she gave me …. my shoulders and neck were in agony and when she said do a press up …well that was hilarious …you know when you are really trying to do something … and nothing happens … well that was my press up! I seem to have lost a lot of strength in my arms and it certainly gives me a bit of a wake up call that as we age we probably need to exercise differently. So a friend of mine advised me to bathe in Epsom Salts to help with the muscle ache and I must admit, I really did feel much better after that, but the exercises are just something that I need to do bit by bit to build my fitness back up. I have an interesting one to do where I have to hold a broom handle with both hands behind my head!!!

The other bit of gossip is that I finally have made my first YouTube video and will be putting that up next Tuesday. I was really nervous and also a bit excited about doing it … and I know loads of you have asked me to do some …. so I really hope you will subscribe to it and watch my channel. It’s Growing Old Disgracefully on YouTube…. there’s a surprise!!!

So on to the beauty ……!

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Hello Lovelies and welcome to another lovely Spring Friday here. The blossom is coming out and I am feeling so much happier in the sunshine and the time that we are able to spend outside really affects the soul.


What has been happening this week? Well I was reading a very interesting article yesterday in one of the newspapers and it came as no surprise to me that the headline was “Over 50’s women are the biggest buyers of beauty products” fuelled by the rise in using older cosmetic brand ambassadors such as the likes of Dame Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda, Twiggy etc , with the 40’s coming in the next bracket and the 60’s the next, saying that these groups are much more likely to pay for premium products to help maintain a more youthful appearance …. I can vouch for that. Nowadays women want to look as lovely as they can for as long as they can and they are going out there and buying the products to help with all of that and I guess a lot of you reading this blog are totally all feeling the same!!! Obviously the benefits of using good beauty products shows without doubt in the appearance of your skin, but also, don’t you find it is that whole luxurious experience of putting something gorgeous smelling or beautifully soft on your skin…. it really does make you feel so much better in the head …. as well as in the body ……

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Hello Lovelies

Welcome to this Friday’s blog and a catch up on life and all things Beauty. In the UK Spring is well and truly here with the temperatures warming up and we have been lucky enough to have fantastically blue skies on many days lighting up our normally dull, grey skies. Easter was such a lovely weekend with people taking time off from work to spend with their families, and unlike the chaos that we usually have at Christmas time, Easter was a chilled affair, seeing a few friends and spending time with my all important family.

B and H

Becky and Holly had arranged for us all to go on a Cake Pop making course at Strawberry Cupcakes in Nottingham – they knew that I would love it – although my attempts at cake making over the years are nothing to shout about!! As we arrived a little girl’s birthday party was ending there and I thought what a popular girl she would be to have such a cool party … making Cake Pops and then eating them … she would be favourite in the class.

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French Beauty Products Haul and Beauty Works Extensions

Hello Lovelies

Happy Good Friday here in the UK… a bank holiday for most people before the Easter weekend and another day off on Monday … woohoo!!… In the UK the weather is definitely starting to improve so people’s happiness levels are definitely higher the nicer the weather! A catch up on my week is the norm for this blog and when I last left you I was in the mountains in France … chilling …. literally! Strolling around the mountain large village where we stay, life is way less stressful with that lovely European close for two hours at lunch (which I always manage to forget about when we first arrive and rush down to the shops only to find them closed …) and then the shops being open later in the evening. Most of the places are restaurants/bars/cafes but one thing I have noticed is that there is always a hairdressers in every French village, always a beauty place and in our case several shops – either selling French perfumes or the pharmacie of course where you find more skincare products. What always makes me smile as well is that there are all these skiing shops selling outdoor clothing for going on the slopes in whatever minus temperatures and there is always this shop in the village selling the most beautiful ladies underwear next door to it…. Things the French women do well, beauty, skincare and looking good at all times.

kir royale glasses

Along with beauty … the French also know how to relax and enjoy a good glass of wine … and we certainly enjoyed ours …in this case Kir Royales – my favourites.

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