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Hello Lovelies and welcome to this week’s blog.

Well what a week this one turned out to be. They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things that you can do and that’s certainly what we had this week for Becky and Holly. All was sorted with Becky and Holly’s new house and then the vendor starting changing the moving date so things like removal men to come in on certain days had to be changed and tempers rose as we didn’t even know on the day of moving whether it would all go through ok. So they have been staying with me for a couple of days which I love (not loving all their stuff which has had to be stored at ours as well for a couple of days !) … but in the end all successful and prosecco drunk to celebrate ha ha and they will be so happy in their new home which gives them so much more space. Sad for them to leave their lovely cottage down the road ….. we joke that Momma Hen (as they call me) will have separation anxiety, but where they are moving to is not very far away either …. a few more fields !!!!

So onto some Beauty finds that I have been trying this week!

I am not off to a festival (not my kinda thing any more!) …. but it is the season and I know a lot of young girls try the dry shampoo for their hair so I thought I would try this Batiste one to see whether it has a place in my life!!!


I try not to wash my hair too much …. certainly not every day anyway … usually every couple of days but very occasionally it goes to three days. If you have very oily hair, then this product is probably a must in your beauty collection. So I massaged it into the roots where any oiliness was – this pink one has a slight floral texture, which I didn’t dislike as sometimes things can be a bit too floral, can’t they? But this one has a light floral scent and you just massage the Batiste in. For me, I found that it didn’t leave any white residue and that it did help absorb any oiliness and the great thing for me was that it provided texture too to help me achieve a bit of volume which is always good.

Next up to some shampoo and conditioner that I have found which is free of sulphates, parabens and any nasties …. It’s called Wella Elements and I tried their Renewing Shampoo and their Renewing Mask. Sometimes with these shampoos you find that they don’t lather terribly well, but I was impressed to find that this one does, so you really do feel like you are getting your hair clean and with the mask, which again feels very light when you apply it, left my hair feeling soft.


What are my overall thoughts on the shampoo and conditioner ?- to be honest I like the idea of using products like this and psychologically feel like I am not putting anything bad on my hair and the results are good, but I if I am honest, I do tend to use it on and off and switch between other brands too, as, personally I missed the shine that other products can give you.

So Summer is on it’s way and there is no doubt that I do feel better with a bit of colour on my face and body and I am going to be trying a few different tans out to see which performs best. We were going out for a Sunday lunch with some family and as I was getting ready I took the opportunity to use the St Tropez Instant Tan as I hadn’t had time to prepare the night before. It’s in a nice silver tube with a girly pink top, so that gets my attention! I always get slightly concerned each time I see that dark gel on the mitt , thinking I am going to end up looking orange (I never have!), but I applied it on the mitt, to dry skin, and it definitely was super easy – going on streak free. You only have to leave it for about 3 minutes and then you can put clothing on ……. couldn’t be simpler.

st tropez instant tan
I loved the colour – this was fair to medium, so not for someone that really needs a dark tan, but it looks great immediately, like you have been on your holidays (I got loads of compliments about it) and didn’t really transfer much on my clothing, and then you just wash it off in the shower before you go to bed .. it comes straight off. Really loved this product , if you haven’t got a lot of time to prepare, which I haven’t, and you want a natural looking tan then this couldn’t be easier … or could it ? As I have heard that St Tropez are bringing a new tan out in June which you literally just use in the shower for a few mins to activate and away you go!!! I will have to wait and see on that one but for now this one has definitely earned its place in my ever crowded bathroom! It’s £10.00 for the tube which will last me ages … oh and you can use it on the face and the body.
The next item I reviewed received rave reviews in all the press about it ….. It’s a hand cream called Hand Chemistry Intense Youth Complex…. claims to knock 10 years off the look of your hands etc. Your hands are one of the places that definitely show our age and I try and use rubber gloves where possible, but it isn’t always practical, so anything I can do to help with ageing there then I am interested in. This one comes in a bit pricey at £18.99 and it is only when you look at the ingredients that you begin to understand why a hand cream would cost this much. It’s claims of 19.5 per cent active products make it much more than in what I would call standard hand creams, using peptides which stimulate collagen production, to plump hands and amongst other ingredients there is a mushroom derivative which is more moisturising than hyaluronic acid and algae which helps to brighten and lighten age spots.

Hand Chemistry

So the cream is unlike a lot of hand creams in that it is rich and smooth but sinks into your hands very quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue. It claims to increase the skin moisture content by 11 per cent, applying this twice a day and I definitely noticed that my hands do seem plumper and smoother. This actually is another of the products where you go “Wow , yes , this is a bit different and is a great product” …. I think the thing that a lot of people might struggle with is that it doesn’t have that sticky residue after it, which I actually like and leaves this smoothness that is way better. It’s not cheap though, like I said earlier and using it twice a day you are going to get through the product fairly quickly, but I feel that you are looking at this as more of an amazing anti ageing treatment for your hands rather than just putting a bit of shea butter or whatever on your hands. I personally really liked it.

Think Summer Healthy Glow, think natural radiance and think powder not shimmer, and in the most gorgeous container and when each time you use it you get excited about using such a pretty product. That’s Guerlain’s Terracotta Joli Teint. Guerlain were the first company to launch a bronzer back in 1984 and have produced many to date. But this one is soft and delicate and lighter than their terracotta powder and the pigments are less intense. There are 4 pallettes in the collection – two for blondes – one light and one darker and 2 for brunettes again one lighter and one darker. I have the fairest of them all the 02 Natural Blonde and if I wanted a more tanned darker look for me then I would go for the darker one in the blondes.

Guerlain joili teint

It comes with the terracotta powder and then a crescent of the gorgeous highlighter colours in either the pink or the apricot and you can either mix the 2 shades together and do the ‘3’ down your face or you can use them separately, sweeping the pink or the apricot colour over the cheekbones for a fresher look for Spring/Summer. I fell in love with them the moment I saw them because I think Guerlain are amazing at designing products of beauty as well as incredible quality. I literally swooned when I saw them!!! (Embarrassing I know ha ha !!) This my favourite beauty item at the moment for loveliness … can’t you just tell!!!!

So that’s it for this week – some more products for you to have a look at and maybe to try. Don’t you just love the fact that Beauty is just improving all the time with science and with the use of nature too. It is truly exciting times …… certainly for me anyway.

I went out for lunch and some of you have asked me to include some fashion in my blog – so this is what I wore! The dress is from The Pretty Dress Company and the black cashmere cardigan with vintage buttons was actually knitted by a friend of mine and I teamed everything with some black courts.



Thanks for all your support and for all of you who watch my Growing Old Disgracefully videos on YouTube too which I am loving doing. I am so grateful .

Have a great week



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  • Reply Jan King May 22, 2015 at 3:22 pm

    Gill you look absolutely stunning in your dress and your skin and makeup are beautiful .
    I have tried the batista like the one in your blog and really like it ..I have recently dyed my hair darker but when it was blonde I loved the batiste for blonde hair it was a favourite of mine and really did help keep my blonde hair fresh .
    Love the look of the St Tropez they are always coming out with new beauty products it’s sometimes hard to keep up ..buts it’s fun trying ..I bought the clairns facial tanning product when I was in Canada and fell in love with it ..I used to keep it for tanning my face and neck but it’s also fantastic on your arms and legs but the only thing is you go through too much of it .
    Oh my that terracotta Joli Teint looks so beautiful you would almost want to save it and just look at it lol .

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my picture ..I have always taken care of myself and especially my skin but sad to say the radiothreapy has done real damage to my skin ..I always felt I never looked my age and I like you have two daughters and everyone used to think we were sisters lol but I feel my age now ..but very grateful to be here to have a good old moan about it ….have been trying hard to find skin care yo help me look and feel fresh again and to help the appearance of all the fine lines around my lower face area that was hit the hardest by my treatment but I will continue to enjoy trying all the creams and lotions until I find something that works ..had my check up on Tuesday and everything was great he said I fid not look like a cancer patient so that made me feel good ..sorry for going on and on I feel I am taking over your blog lol .
    Hope you have a lovely weekend and the girls are enjoying their new home .
    Much love .
    Jan x

    • Reply Gill May 24, 2015 at 3:15 pm

      Hi Jan – it’s so lovely to hear from you and one of the most wonderful things about this online world. You sound absolutely amazing and you look beautiful and I can understand how upset you would feel about the effects of the radiotherapy, but like you say, amazing that you are here to moan… … It’s so important that we look and feel as good as we can to feel happy inside and out and you are truly doing everything you can to do that. I think you and I would get on amazingly and if we ever had a make up shopping trip the credit card would take a bashing!!!

      Keep doing what you are doing and you have come through the worst of it by the sound of the doctors and if they say what they did, then it truly is so encouraging. Cancer strikes so many people in so many ways and you have been truly amazing in coming out the other side. Here’s to beauty!! Lots of Love and thanks always for your support xxxx

  • Reply JoySteib May 24, 2015 at 5:41 pm

    Hi Gill!
    Such lovely product reviews as always! I had not heard of the Guerlain products before but they sound amazing! I love your outfit and of course you look stunning! Your skin is so beautiful. I can tell the Joli Teint smooth hands hand cream is wonderful. Thank you so much once again for sharing your so informative blog post with us. Sometimes, we get in a rut and think because we are older there is nothing out there for us. Your discoveries and sharing them with us is an eye opener for all of us. We may not always look 20 but darn we can sure feel like it!!! Thanks for sharing with us. Have a great week ahead!!!
    Take Great Care,

    • Reply Gill May 28, 2015 at 8:49 pm

      Hello Joy – lovely to hear from you. Guerlain are such beautiful products – quality and style. I think you are right that you can get in a rut as you get older, and that applies to lots of things and trying out new products and experiences does help keep you young. I find it so exciting to be trying new products time after time. Thanks for all your lovely support xxxx

  • Reply Muna June 9, 2015 at 10:08 am

    Sunshine: c5h thanks girl! :-DAnonym: Det er riggitt (retter det lige med det samme), det er fordi jeg fandt den pe5 mine fore6ldres loft, og den er 100 e5r gammel. :-)Anonym: Jo det kunne da godt te6nkes, det var fordi jeg havde se5 travlt ige5r, og te6nkte at dette var bedre end intet.. /isabella

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