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Hello Lovelies

Hi to this week’s blog and the first part of my blog if you are a regular reader is usually a bit of a catch up on my week/life and this week has been a bit of a challenge in parts. Normally I don’t rant, and I will try not to here, but my daughter, Becky, got quite a lot of hate comments on her last video, mainly because of the lighting in the video and because she has a bit of a tan, but basically the worst offence in the world was that she hadn’t blended her foundation in sufficiently. Quite a few faceless haters came online to “Troll” her and several people that also follow and watch me, did come to her defence, but the effect of this on her was so sad to see, particularly as a Mum. I felt a bit helpless really and wasn’t sure whether to join in on the debate or just to keep out and leave it to others and try and comfort her privately. I don’t know whether they think that people like my daughter have particularly thick skins, which she certainly doesn’t have, or why they feel they have to facelessly say these awful things? There was a part of me that wanted to shout out at them, as all they are in bullies in a different form, and there was a part of me that wanted to give them a hug and show them some love as they clearly just feel such anger towards people like Becky.


The whole reason why Becky started and certainly why I do it is that none of us is perfect and few of us will ever be and everyone’s idea of beauty is slightly different but the whole point of blogging and YouTubing, surely is to come together as females and males of all ages and share ideas, support each other, help each other and show how if say you have a scar that you want to cover up then this cream might help or if your eyebrows aren’t great then maybe this crayon might help. You can put as much make up on the outside as you like but it isn’t necessarily going to sort out the inside. Beauty to me is a combination of both and beauty comes in so many different forms. It might be that someone makes you happy, or makes you laugh, or helps you relax from a stressful job, or shares a bad experience that they have been through and you feel like you are not alone in experiencing what you do. The time and thought that goes into content for which they are not paid in most instances is because they all have a passion for what they do and it should not be that these haters just go online and say awful things to people. That’s my little rant over…. but I have just had a bit of a tough time this week questioning everything and helping my daughter believe back in herself to carry on the most amazing job that she does of which I am so proud. How would you deal with these haters that come online …. at the moment I haven’t had one but I am sure that I will … what would your reaction be?? I would love to hear from you.

So anyway, now onto nice things …. which I certainly need after my week.

When my stepson is back from University, and spending more time with us, there is one thing that I have to remember to do…… swop the lovely Molton Brown handwash soap for some cheaper version! Several pumps of it several times a day and before I know it, my favourite hand wash has disappeared and I am left with the cheaper variety! He said to me that the Molton Brown one was the best hand wash ever! (Never underestimate a 21 year old male’s appreciation of hand wash.) I remember when Molton Brown first brought this beautiful fragrance out and I remember going back to my childhood when we used to grow rhubarb and thinking… they are never going to replicate that smell of fresh rhubarb …

molton brown soap

imagine my joy when I smelt it and realised they had! This combination of sweet with the fresh is just a joy as you smell it on your hands afterwards and also in the air, making it such a favourite of mine particularly for the summer. I love going into the Molton Brown shops for their practical yet beautiful layout with the little sinks in store so that you can try all the hand washes, to the gorgeous rows of brightly coloured products stacked up on the displays and always find it a very welcoming store with friendly staff. This luxurious soap with its cute little black bow on it brightens my room with its gorgeous pink colour and makes the boring job of washing your hands, just that little bit more exiting…. what would life be like without our amazing senses!

Do you suffer from drier lips but still like a lipstick powered with colour?? I wasn’t sure what to expect with a lipstick that included a primer, as I will be honest I had never tried a lip primer before. There are plenty of colours to choose from (loads of pinks, purples and nudes) and I ended up taking away Sweet Pop to try. Firstly the packaging which I love for its cuteness – square, and kinda chunky and contemporary and love the fact that the shade is true to the outside container which makes selecting your lipstick from a make up bag so much easier.

clinique pop and colour

The actual formula is lovely and smooth – it almost goes on like butter! and it gives a semi matte finish and kept my lips moisturised for most of the day. These come in at £16.00 each and I know they are more expensive than some of the cheaper buttery lipsticks as I call them, but there is something gorgeous about the container that I love and the product inside feels luxurious and is more long lasting than many other cheaper brands. Depends what your budget is.

We are not measuring the height of my sunflowers here …. we are measuring how much my short nails are growing. I have made a determined effort with my nails to strengthen them up these last few months and have suffered from many breaking due to my having gel nails for so many years. Enter one of the latest products from that cute brand Ciate which contains not just marula oil, but vitamins, aloe vera, ginseng and keratin nail treatment to actually boost the growth of your nails and make them stronger, which is definitely what I need. I laughed when I opened the box and saw this cute little measuring device on the side to measure the growth of your nails and thought I would never use that!!

ciate status grow

Guess who is now proudly measuring the growth particularly of my little nail which snapped off, against this cute measuring device on the bottle?? Yes Moi!! I apply it twice a week, good as gold, giving it two coats and have been using it for about 3 weeks now and have seen great improvement in both the strength and also the length of my nails. They will never be long talons (I live far too chaotic a life to have nails like that even though I love them on others!) but I want them to be a good length and strong so that they aren’t breaking every time I delve into my handbag to get my car keys out and I am making fantastic progress with the contents of this little bottle. My husband may be measuring how tall his tomatoes are getting … but for me … it’s all about my nails. Definitely works.

Whatever your age, spots, blemishes, call them what you like, we can suffer from them and I tend to due to fluctuating hormone levels. You think as you age that you will eventually have this amazing skin, and some of us are lucky to have that, but I have actually found mine to get slightly worse which is so annoying. Clinique’s Clearing Gel has something of a reputation on most Beauty Counters as being amazing at clearing blemishes and I have used it over the past years and tend to agree with the positive feedback from so many people. I tend to put it on at night mostly so that it can work its magic whilst I sleep and I find that any smaller blemishes have almost dried out by morning and certainly really reduced by the next day.

clinique anti blemish solutions

I have pretty sensitive skin and it tingles slightly when I put the clear gel on and then I feel a slight tightening of the skin, so I feel like its doing something, and it tends to dry them out quickly and then they literally just drop off haha … mine aren’t that big so no craters left behind. When you have a blemish you just want it gone asap don’t you, and so yes this might be slightly more expensive than some products but it really reduces the swelling, calms redness way better and quicker than a lot of other products and the bottle will probably last me about 6 months as you only need a little on the blemishes. So this little bottle comes everywhere with me when I travel too … one of my face’s essentials!!

Sorry about the rant earlier … but I love to hear your thoughts on it … so that I am ready haha when I get my first hater on YouTube or Twitter or wherever. I remember when I first started this and my girls said to me “Mum what will you do when you get your first hater?” I remember replying “I will just have a Gin and Tonic, lime and lots of ice ….. Sorted!”

Lots of Love


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Hello Lovelies

Well I guess a lot of you are on Summer holidays and I am hoping the weather is good for you as although it hasn’t been very hot in the UK (it’s more like Autumn!) I am still hanging on in there with summer colours and summer clothes, despite the lower temperatures! So this week, I was lucky enough to go to London and enjoy a fabulous Mad Hatter Afternoon Tea at The Sanderson Hotel, and if you are looking for an Afternoon Tea experience with your friends or family, then this one is beautiful. It follows the Mad Hatter theme right through to the beautiful cakes (couldn’t eat them all so they gave us a take out box) and there is even a trolley full of lots of different jellies if you decide to take children along with you. The theme is amazing and the food is simply gorgeous.

mad hatter

So what have I been using in terms of Summer beauty:-

Well what would life be like without a serum? We all have different needs for our skin but mine is definitely plumping and here we are talking about a serious serum! It’s from the founder of Indeed Labs who came up with the amazing Hand Chemistry that I love so I hoped that it would be good. Well they have truly thrown everything in here – in fact 5 forms of hyaluronic acid and next generation peptides to target not only the surface hydration and elasticity but also below the surface skin too and to help boost that all important collagen and support any collagen that you have. Sounds good, doesn’t it?


It’s a clear gel with no scent and your skin absorbs it in seconds and the idea is that you put it on morning and night after toning and before your moisturiser. The effect is immediate and lasts all day and this keeps on working. I am not so keen on the apothecary type bottle, which I presume is to indicate that it’s a serious product and if anything I would have a word with marketing to change the bottle, but it’s rare to find a product that promises results in 5-10 days and these guys have been able to put potent ingredients in and make it available to women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and the best thing about it is that its way more affordable than some lesser potent brands costing £30.00 for 30ml. Great, great product and sometimes worth spending the extra to get the results and I certainly love it as I need all the help I can get! It’s available in Boots or direct from Deciem.

How much of a scrubber are you? Scrubbing is a part of my beauty routine for both my face and my body to polish away the dead skin cells and encourage new skin and help reduce fine lines, large pores etc. Well have I found the scrubber for you, if that’s what you are in to. This is probably the finest, grittiest scrub I have ever tried (and if you have super sensitive skin then this is definitely a No No for you!) but if you like to scrub then you are going to love this product made with ruby crystals no less!

goldfaden scrub

It’s effect is similar to a milder form of the treatment microdermabrasion and you only need the tiniest amount rubbed really gently, and I stress gently, over your face, neck and décolleté, in fact I even used it on the backs of my hands … and the effect is super smooth, glowing skin instantly. Wow!!! Because the crystals are perfectly spherical, they exfoliate without damaging your skin. I would avoid areas with little broken veins though, like on the side of your nose. They say you can use it daily, but for me, twice a week would be enough to change your dull skin into super glowing skin. This product is £65 for the pot but you are paying for the ultimate in skin polish here …. and one pot is probably the price of a facial to achieve the same result and this pot will probably last you at least 9 months depending on how much you use it. Truly an AMAZING scrub!!

There’s been a lot of talk about this foundation and when I commented on a friend’s complexion and how lovely it was and she said this was what she was wearing then I knew I had to roadtest some! In Summer I like to wear a lighter foundation if I can and just a bit of concealer and this one comes in about 8 different shades, so I chose Bare Satin.

bareminerals bareskin

It’s ultra thin, which is a bit of shock if you are not used to foundations like that and I also bought the brush which they sell to apply it and you are literally supposed to apply one drop to the centre of the brush and then apply this all over your face and it feels and does look beautiful on your face, although I do need to add some concealer as well. It increases the hydration to your skin with lilac plant stem cells and vitamin C and gives colour and makes it look flawless and has the SPF of 20 in it too so it is helping to protect your skin from the rays. Probably not suitable for combination or oily skins either but if you have normal or drier skin and if you like a natural, light, glowing, flawless kind of look with coverage sheer to light then you won’t be disappointed with this gorgeous foundation.

Summer blushes for me are all about creams and Bourjois (whom I love) have recently brought out 3 water resistant ones – so great for holidays. I purchased the 02 in Cocori Corail and although the colour is a bit scary when it comes out you just blend half a pump of the product with your fingers on the apple of your cheeks and blend upwards. Its super blendable and has an even colour pay off, so it’s really easy to apply.

bourjois aqua blush

The result is a gorgeous sheer, fresh colour and it doesn’t melt off in the heat either. They also do it in Pink Twice and Berry Nice and I like the fact that the packaging changes with the colour of the blush so that it is easy to select from a drawer full of products !!! A great little product that I am loving and will earn a place in my make up bag for summer. (I put it in one of my videos) and I found them for £9 on the Very site but they are also available at Boots.


You probably know by now how much I love this brand for both the quality and the price point and so I was keen to try one of their lip glosses. I love ones with a high shine and this one has that with fortunately, no glitter! haha Can’t deal with that look! When you put this gloss on it tingles slightly on application, not too much though and has like a menthol like feel to it which makes your lips feel quite fresh.

kiko 3d gloss

It volumises your lips, definitely,and the idea is that it keeps on volumising it over time, which it probably does a bit, but not to the point where you think “Whoa, she’s had her lips done!” It’s got hyaluronic acid in to hydrate your lips as some products can dry them out, can’t they and I love the fact that the colour is true to how it looks in the tube. So, a beautiful lip gloss that makes your lips look plump in a firm, kissable way! (always hoping!) It’s £6.90 and available in their stores or at

That’s it for this week’s round up and I am wishing you a continued great summer in the UK anyway, and lots of love xxx


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Hi Lovelies and another week is here. Sorry about no blog last week and my computer is now all sorted – a trip to Apple made me a happy bunny! It’s been a busier week with a trip to London which is always exciting and also going on a Date Night with my husband. How important is it in a relationship to spend special time occasionally with the one you love when life all around you is in the fast lane. Just to take some time out and get back to who you are as a couple can sometimes work wonders in a relationship. Awww. I have attached a photo of the outfit I wore (I hope you like it).


So let’s get onto some make up and the experiences I have had over the last couple of weeks. One of the things that I sometimes question is whether a product is worth the high price compared to a cheaper version of the product and so I thought I would try this out with eye make up remover.

Every night practically, I need to use eye make up remover as I do use gel eyeliners, and like to use mascara and sometimes use waterproof, and if I don’t use a good one then I don’t know about you, but I definitely wake up with those ‘Panda Eyes” which is not a good look in the morning if your husband brings you a cup of tea (only occasionally), and ask if you slept ok?? So I liked the idea of the Simple version on my eyes, containing no artificial colour or perfume and set to work with it, putting it to the test with some really difficult smokey eye make up that I had on. I managed to buy it for £1.49 at Superdrug, so the price is amazing but how would it perform in the test?


I put the clear liquid on a cotton wool pad and found that it did remove most of the eyeshadow and some of the eyeliner and mascara but found that I did need to put quite a lot of product on and had to have a go several times to really feel like I was removing it and did find that I struggled to remove the tough waterproof mascara. What it felt like was that I was tugging a bit at my eyes, which personally, having a few wrinkles (as I do!), didn’t feel as comfortable and easy as I would have liked it to. But hey, it’s £1.49!

Onto now, the other end of the spectrum, with Clarins, and this one comes in at £19.00… bit of a difference, but would there be any difference in performance? Sorry about my photo but I have used quite a bit of this and the liquid is actually blue, but don’t let that scare you, your face doesn’t turn blue. So now I placed the blue liquid on cotton wool pads and popped these onto my eyes in the same way and left them for a moment to soak and then wiped away. Wow … what a difference, and in one sweep of a cotton wool pad it removed all the make up and there was no scrubbing away and no redness around my eyes at all. Probably because of the lash strengthening oils in this product as well, my eyelashes felt softer and more conditioned.

Clarins eye make up remover

No contest for me. I felt so much more comfortable easing the make up off this way and there would be no panda eyes to scare my husband in the morning!. There is, of course a price difference, and I know friends of mine can’t use a lot of products on their eyes because of their sensitivity but I was fine with the Clarins and as you can tell from the half empty bottle, I have been using this a lot. By the way, you just need to shake the bottle up before you use it to mix up the contents. I suppose I feel that there are products that you can buy cheaper and it is sometimes down to budget but because I wear make up probably most days, then this is a key item to me and Clarins definitely wins in this contest.

So you have a bit of a tan and you want to make it look even better, so we’re talking illuminators and glow to make you look amazing and one of my favourites is the gorgeous brand Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector and this one is in the shade Opal. OMG, if you haven’t tried it yet, you will just LOVE it!!! It’s a lovely pearlised metallic glow which reflects light back and gives the skin that gorgeous soft look. Every time I put this on, it’s just one of those products that I adore.

Becca shimmering skin perfector


It makes such a difference to your skin. In texture, it’s lovely and thin and doesn’t feel tacky like some of them can do, and spreads and blends beautifully. You can use it on bare skin over your tan on your cheekbones, and I sometimes use in on my décolleté too and I put 3 different little parts of it on my cheek with a stippling brush (although you could use your finger), and then I blend it in with my brush or again you could use your fingers very lightly. Tell me if you don’t think that it looks gorgeous on a tan, as you are sitting there sipping your cocktails ??

So most of us need some sort of concealer particularly for under the eye and in my case, around the nose too, and maybe a little on the chin (in fact, why don’t I cover my whole face with concealer … no only joking .) This Kiko one claims to be full coverage and comes in a choice of 8 shades so you can be sure to find one for you – mine is 02 and I have fair skin. Everyone has different blemishes they want to cover and mine is a few age spots and slight darkness around the eyes and then redness around the nose so I am usually looking for a full coverage concealer.

kiko concealer

This Kiko one from the lovely Kiko Milano range is available online and there is a shop in London and we are lucky enough to have one in Nottingham so I am sure they will be opening up everywhere to rival Mac as their quality of product, particularly in the eyeshadows is amazing and they are so so much cheaper. The consistency is really lightweight and buildable which I personally like. My skin at the moment in summer has a slight oiliness to it and I always put moisturiser on before I apply my make up so the fact that it is slightly dry doesn’t bother me, but if you had really dry skin then maybe this isn’t for you. It has apparently got a sebum absorbing complex in it which would make it brilliant for very oily skins, but I find if fine as my t-zone does have a tendency towards oiliness anyway. I was really pleased with the way it covered up my age spots – sometimes I layered it over them a bit and it would probably cover rosacea as well, again depending how bad it is. Packaging wise it is lovely and compact, with a little mirror meaning that you can take it with you in your handbag and do touch ups later on in the day. The cost is £7.50 and it is so similar in product to the Bobbi Brown and the Mac which cost certainly over the £15 mark that for me, this is a product where I can buy a cheaper version but am super happy with the results.

I know I am a little late on the bandwagon with this one, but I finally thought to myself that I would purchase a Beauty Blender and see what all the hype was about, and in fact the one I purchased from Space NK had a little cleaning soap at the bottom too. Cute hey? Although any baby shampoo or soap would be fine to clean it with. The girls say I am a sucker for packaging!!! It got me too, because it is PINK in colour!!! Girlie!!!! The Beauty Blender was originally created by 2 Hollywood make up artists for a flawless airbrush finish. (That’s what we are all hoping for in our dreams!)

Beauty blender

So first of all you wet it, squeeze it out and then apply the foundation from your hand and dab away on your face. The elliptical shape of it means that it is brilliant for getting into the corners around the eyes and the nose. I really liked the actual process of dabbing away on my face and tried it with both tinted moisturisers and light foundations and was really pleased how it did achieve that flawless look as sometimes with lighter products you struggle to get an evenness. With a heavier foundation I probably didn’t find it as good although it’s all about putting it on in thin layers. So will I use it ?– yes I will. I will probably alternate it with my foundation brush depending on what sort of look and what sort of product I am using. Oh …. And it’s brilliant for using with creamy concealers under the eyes! So better late than never … and I am pleased I finally got around to the Beauty Blender.

I hope you enjoyed it for this week. Please let me know your thoughts on the Beauty Blender … oh and if you have been on a Date Night this week! I hope you have.
Love as Always

Gill xxx