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Welcome back to this week’s blog and a week when I now feel truly Autumnal and most of the leaves have fallen off our trees and the light here is just so grey!! Eeeew ….. It’s a good job I love the change in the seasons and love the winter too for it’s cosiness and log fires and everything warming! It’s a tradition here in the UK this weekend called Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes Night, when we go to huge bonfires and watch a beautiful display of fireworks (hopefully) and maybe wave an odd sparkler, which takes me back to childhood. It wouldn’t be Fireworks night if it wasn’t raining, or foggy or damp hehe …. we British … what an odd lot we are !!! Love it. xx

So … onto some beauty that I have been loving this week ……

i used to go to a salon every few weeks and have gel nails painted on or infills and loved the gloss finish of them and the durability (hey I am a girl that literally expects a lot from her nails … clipping on nasty ski boot locks, putting my hand in handbag and scratching them constantly with keys … etc etc ) and I loved them, but the terribly weakening effect that they had on my nails and the upkeep of going to the salon all the time meant that there came a time when I finally had to say no more! But I miss them!

sunset curing

So I was really keen to try out Barry M’s – the queen of colour ranges in nail polishes, new Daylight Curing range which gives a gel effect nail polish without having to use UV lights etc. They haven’t got a great range of colours in this but I found the perfect colour for the Autumn/Winter that I wanted in Plum on Baby and duly coated my nails with two thin coats, remembering to go around the ends of the nails gently too to add extra wear there, and waited in between for these to dry… it was only a couple of minutes for each coat and then to use the lovely Topcoat in the bronzey coloured bottle which can only be used with the Sunset Nail Polishes apparently.


The brush in the nail polish and top coat is absolutely lovely and quite wide so it fills the nail perfectly. Applying the top coat gives them that really glossy gel shine. So how are they wearing up ??? Well … they say you should get up to 10 days wear from this, but I truly don’t think that will happen with me … however …. 4 days in and they are still looking pretty good … which is amazing for me. I think I will add another coat of top coat to just help extend the life and that might take me to a week which would be incredible! It’s £4.99 a bottle and even better when there are 2 for 1 at Boots.

Another bonus …. this Daylight Curing Polish removes with normal nail polish remover … and no soaking for 45mins in remover as with my previous gels. This has to be the way forward!

Sticking with nails, now whilst applying my lovely dark Autumnal nails, in fact any colour, who hasn’t slipped or say whilst applying the right hand with the left, hasn’t messed up one or two of the edges?? I know I have. Call me clumsy, but I have a need for something lovely to help me with my masterplan for gorgeous dark gel looking nails . Enter the lovely Leighton Denny Precision Corrector Set (he has thought of everything).



Leighton Denny received an MBE from the Queen for his services to the nail and tanning industry! Not bad for a guy that started off as a forklift truck driver in Bradford and now has over 1000 salons worldwide.

This bottle of Corrector comes with a mini little brush which you dip in the fluid then apply to newly varnished nails and it removes the mistakes. A little tip is to have some kitchen roll at hand and just dab the brush on there before putting it back into the clear fluid again. With this you are able to neaten up all your mistakes (if you are like me), create that perfect moon shaped line at the cuticle, and make every manicure and pedicure look like it has been done by a professional, What a brilliant idea and I now use this whenever I paint my fingernails or toenails. Brilliant!!! I got mine from Marks and Spencer where it was reduced from £11.00 to £8.80.

Get past the fact that this product looks like a fun filled sex product with its bright colours and shape, lift the top off and immediately you get the smell of what seems almost like jelly babies ….(don’t worry this disappears quite quickly) and think about the fact that it has taken 3 years to make this what I would call first off of a gel to powder primer for your hair!


I am always looking for that perfect styling product of weightless formulation and texture that helps to add volume to my hair. This clear gel that goes to a powder product can be used on wet or dry hair has a matt finish and for me I use it on dry hair and it helps to create a tousled, lived in volume texture for me and I think if it was used on wet hair it would probably enhance your curls more and add definition. It doesn’t make your hair knotty or greasy, just “gritty” to aid better styling. It’s also perfect for smoothing out any frizzes you might get. I got mine from Feel Unique at the best price of £14.95.

Hope you like my selection of Beauty this week and please let me know if any of you have tried the Sunset Daylight Curing Polishes and your thoughts on them.

Love as Always

Gill xx

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  • Reply Jan King November 7, 2015 at 1:57 am

    Hi Gill writing this at 1.30 in the morning ..I know I should be asleep but it’s the only time I get to try and catch up on your videos snd blog these days .
    I love the autumn/winter days ..as long as there is no rain ..now that would be impossible in my part of Scotland ha ha
    I have a poor nails at the moment not long ago I sent for some gel nails and sad to say it really wasted my own nails ..they are very soft and break and peel , before this I had used the OPI treatment and loved it ..and now it seems my nails are worse than before so bought cite super nail hero today ..fingers crossed it works ..I also had bought a Barry M polish ..I think it was a nail paint ..and very similar to your colour but sad to sat I ended up with it all over the place ..one hand seemed much better than the other ..I think I applied it to thick ..I will never learn, needless to say i removed it pretty quickly .
    I have been going just a tad makeup crazy ..eventually had my day beauty shopping in Glasgow and treated myself to Laura Mercer radiance foundation primer plus an eyeshadow and I also bought 2 foundations ..the bare Minerals complexion rescue and boots no 7 Airbrush away plus ..wait for it ..a whole host of new lipsticks and lip glosses bought two of fleurs lip glosses and a Christmas gift box with about 5 bare.Minerals lip glosses plus a number 7 lipstick and lip pencil and 2 elizebeth arden ones a lancome one and a shisedo one …oh my goodness ..when 8 write this down ..its seems like a massive amount of lipsticks ect for only one set of lips ..lol ..oh and bought myself elemis cleansing balm ..I have bought it twice before and i just adore it ..and my list goes on ..
    My brother is being moved to the Queens jubilee hospital on Monday and I hope that he will have his op that same week …I am so stressed just now ..plus worry so much about him ..wish it was all over and he was on the road to recovery ..
    Love your vlogs and videos Gill and sorry if my comment seemed more about me ..
    hope you and your lovely husband and beautiful girls are all well …and the beautiful puppy’s ..they are just adorable
    OK better get some sleep .
    Much love
    Jan xxx

    • Reply Gill November 8, 2015 at 10:56 pm

      Hi Jan – it’s so lovely to hear from you and can’t believe you are up at that time, but I so understand. I am so pleased you had your day of beauty in Glasgow and your purchases sound amazing – I bet you can’t wait to try them. You must be so worried about your brother and I am keeping everything crossed that all goes ok …. a lot of stress for you …. more beauty required! We are all good here thank you so much for asking. It’s pretty chaotic in lots of areas and Christmas will be here before I know it … one moment it is the beginning of November and then I am cooking the Christmas Turkey! Lots of fun things in the middle though and am trying to get my husband to pull back a bit next year from the businesses as he works far too hard, but it’s a tough one. The girls are busy too which is lovely. Doing really well. I like you could probably do with an extra 5 hours a day!!! I need my sleep too though. Anyway keep me informed re your brother and I will be thinking of you. xxx

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