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Hello Lovelies

I am fresh back from Florida – Orlando and Miami to be precise and the amazing temperatures of 28 degrees (bit of a shock coming back to the UK!) Oh how I loved it, both the places and the people and we hired a Mustang convertible to view the sights (must have visited most of the shopping malls in Orlando!) and then hired bikes in Miami to cycle along the boardwalks for miles to explore their beautiful city and beaches. Breakfast would be amazing at an organic restaurant and was usually eggs and bacon or avocado and fresh juice and of course, an amazing coffee. Each day I would pass cafes with people eating these amazing waffles with all sorts of incredible things on the top from strawberries to cream to ice cream and each morning I would think that I would have one of these, but sadly, I never quite got around to ordering one of these, afraid that I wouldn’t be able to finish it!!! Maybe next time if we go back. I cannot recommend Florida enough for a holiday for all ages … my husband and I are too old for Disney (you are never too old for Disney I hear you shout …. but until we have grandchildren, I am definitely not going), we went to fabulous restaurants, beaches, museums, and of course amazing shopping malls and if you are really lucky, or some might say unlucky, you will see an alligator!


Let’s get onto some Beauty! …..

You might or might not remember that I am a huge fan of Hylamide, well this is another product from the company Deciem, their sub brand, Hand Chemistry, containing a 1 per cent retinoid complex for scars, stretch marks, ageing and dehydrated skin. We are all beginning to realise that for anti ageing there definitely needs to be some retinol involved although some people have a tendency to be too sensitive to use this. However, Hand Chemistry uses vitamin technology to produce prescription strength Retin A results and my sensitive skin wasn’t red or irritated! Initially I was using this on my hands and have been using this for about a month and definitely noticed the pigmentation lightening and my hands much softer and hydrated, but this can be used all over your body on stretch marks or pigmentation and also on your face.

retin oil

Oh my goodness I got off the Florida flight yesterday and came home feeling really dehydrated. Yesterday evening I put the retin oil over my face and décolleté at night and I woke to the softest, loveliest skin this morning and I mean really soft and plumped up. I am making sure some goes on tonight! It has a dry oil texture so when you apply it, it really absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave that greasy feeling on your face, which I really don’t like and it has a citrusy sort of smell, which soon disappears, and I don’t mind at all. The combination of vitamins C and E and deep sea red algae also contribute to anti ageing. I am in love with it and will probably be purchasing another bottle to use on my ageing body too. It’s available from Boots for £19.99.

I recently treated myself to the most beautiful eye shadow palette as a treat for me and a treat for my eyes. Gwen Stefani helped select the most gorgeous shades of eyeshadow for this Urban Decay palette and I was so excited as I love Urban Decay for their velvety texture, rich colours, serious staying power and blendability.

gwen stefani

This palette is a fantastic array of nudes, golds, taupes in both mattes and shimmer, perfect for every day and then 2 more colourful options, the pink, which I am sure to love and the blue, well maybe as a liner or a touch of it to add depth for a really smokey eye.

urban decay

The packaging is gorgeous in black and white and gold and I use the mirror all the time to apply not only my eye make up, but everything and for travel its brilliant! It’s perfect for my every day and serious smokey, neutral eyes, paired with a red lip maybe? It would make a fabulous present for someone and although it is limited edition, it’s still available. Mine will be well used and will go with me everywhere. It is available in Debenhams for £40.00

I have previously written about one of my favourite eye make up removers, Clarins, but the rate I go through it, made me look at a cheaper version and this one was from Boots. It comes in a see through bottle and is a mix between miscellar water and an oil cleanser but you do need to shake it to mix the contents together as otherwise it might not be as effective.

no 7

I try not to drag or pull my eyes too much when removing my make up and I shake the cleanser, put some onto a cottonwool pad and let this soak in and then place that over my eyes for a few seconds to allow the cleanser to work and then gently wipe it all off. I find it removes eyeliner, mascara and everything and it does claim to remove waterproof although I don’t tend to wear that very often. It’s less oily than the Clarins and some might prefer that. I suspect that the Clarins might clean it off slightly quicker, but the price difference is Clarins £15.20 and the No 7 is £8.50. My bank balance loves it too!

Have a lovely week. My love as always.


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Hi Lovelies

Welcome to another week in the life of …. and this week has seen me struggling with that awful cold, like I am sure loads of you have been, such is the change in the weather. My appetite has waned (good for weight loss hehe!) and I have been drinking loads of tea and Vitamin C! But, I am coming out the other side and will be back on top to my normal enthusiastic self, whereas this week has been that awful,”I am too tired to do much”, which totally isn’t me. That crazy pre-Christmas season is nearly upon us and I need to be ready for it …. fully prepped and ready to go! I am off to London again tomorrow for meetings and of course, some shopping, and am hoping to go to the gorgeous Christmas Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London – possibly have a go ice skating on the rink there … although that could be disastrous particularly after a glass of mulled wine from the beautiful stalls there at the Christmas market. Fingers crossed!

Let’s get on to some beauty …. and help to say goodbye to that Winter Skin as one of my Holy Grail products Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream makes it to the front of the pack of products again. This cult moisturiser is what shot the Elemis brand to fame and onto everyone’s radar to help them become the huge brand that they are now. Formulated with marine extracts this cream claims to help reduce wrinkle depth and help improve your skin’s texture and tone.


I love Elemis and certainly the quality of ingredients is reflected in the price as this 30ml moisturises comes in at £50, which is quite a price tag to carry. However I often look at the deals that they have on QVC (you can go online if you don’t want to watch it) and you can pick up some amazing savings on Elemis. The cream is really lightweight but is incredibly hydrating and perfect I would say for anyone with dry/combination skin and my skin certainly improves in texture and tone when I continue using this. I always put it over a nourishing serum in the morning and then pop my make up over it. This product is slightly fragranced (it actually smells really nice) and so would be one to avoid if you don’t like that, but even me with my sensitive skin seem to have no problem in using it. It’s one of those products that you need to give time to really see results as well and it just keeps getting better and better. It’s an oldie …. but it’s a goodie.

Don’t we just love Bobbi Brown and everything that she stands for. An ongoing problem for a lot of people is dark circles under their eyes and Bobbi’s answer is to use a corrector first in either pinky bisque tones on purple or blueish circles or peach tones for brown or greenish circles. I obtained the corrector in light bisque.



Its lovely and hydrating and and really creamy so you don’t need much product for it to cover and correct and is probably best applied with a concealer brush and then patted gently with your finger. It certainly for me blocks out any circles coming through. The problem is though that you can’t use corrector alone and then need to apply a skin tone matching concealer which I obtained in Beige and then this has a pale yellow sheer powder with which to set it all, otherwise I think you might have problems with mascara transferring.


I found the important thing was to not apply too much product at a time and for me, because I do have lines under my eyes, I did find that I had to pat it in slightly later in the day as well. On younger skin with no lines or really fine lines, I think both products are amazing, but if you have a lot of lines underneath your eyes, this would definitely be settling in your wrinkles and actually probably almost looking worse. The cheapest price for the corrector was £17.10 and for the concealer was £19.00. Not cheap but they would last you ages and if your major problem is really dark circles, then perhaps you make the decision to show a few wrinkles but you under eye is brightened and you look less tired. Decisions…. decisions …



Lastly onto some pretties …. a gorgeous mini eye shadow palette from Autograph, Marks and Spencers.  Marks and Spencers constantly surprise me with the ranges that they keep bringing out and their Beauty Hall is amazing with the quality of different brands that they stock but this one is their own brand.  This little palette is going to be my party go to eye palette with its blend of lighter, mid and dark shades taking you from a fairly muted look right through to the smoky eye look with darker shades for under the eyes and using on the outer corners of the eye.


Most of the beautiful colours in the browns and copper ranges (but there is also a gorgeous dark green in there with a bit of sparkle), have shimmer in them, but its not over the top sparkle which would be too much, its nice party shimmer which will catch the light and attract attention to your gorgeous eyes.  I am loving this palette and am enjoying playing around with it to achieve some really Christmassy party looks.  What’s life without a bit of highlight/shimmer?  At any age. ….

That’s it for this week and I sending you all lots of love and huggles (is that cuddles and hugs?) in front of the toasty fire.


Gill xx

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Hi Lovelies and another week is here. Sorry about no blog last week and my computer is now all sorted – a trip to Apple made me a happy bunny! It’s been a busier week with a trip to London which is always exciting and also going on a Date Night with my husband. How important is it in a relationship to spend special time occasionally with the one you love when life all around you is in the fast lane. Just to take some time out and get back to who you are as a couple can sometimes work wonders in a relationship. Awww. I have attached a photo of the outfit I wore (I hope you like it).


So let’s get onto some make up and the experiences I have had over the last couple of weeks. One of the things that I sometimes question is whether a product is worth the high price compared to a cheaper version of the product and so I thought I would try this out with eye make up remover.

Every night practically, I need to use eye make up remover as I do use gel eyeliners, and like to use mascara and sometimes use waterproof, and if I don’t use a good one then I don’t know about you, but I definitely wake up with those ‘Panda Eyes” which is not a good look in the morning if your husband brings you a cup of tea (only occasionally), and ask if you slept ok?? So I liked the idea of the Simple version on my eyes, containing no artificial colour or perfume and set to work with it, putting it to the test with some really difficult smokey eye make up that I had on. I managed to buy it for £1.49 at Superdrug, so the price is amazing but how would it perform in the test?


I put the clear liquid on a cotton wool pad and found that it did remove most of the eyeshadow and some of the eyeliner and mascara but found that I did need to put quite a lot of product on and had to have a go several times to really feel like I was removing it and did find that I struggled to remove the tough waterproof mascara. What it felt like was that I was tugging a bit at my eyes, which personally, having a few wrinkles (as I do!), didn’t feel as comfortable and easy as I would have liked it to. But hey, it’s £1.49!

Onto now, the other end of the spectrum, with Clarins, and this one comes in at £19.00… bit of a difference, but would there be any difference in performance? Sorry about my photo but I have used quite a bit of this and the liquid is actually blue, but don’t let that scare you, your face doesn’t turn blue. So now I placed the blue liquid on cotton wool pads and popped these onto my eyes in the same way and left them for a moment to soak and then wiped away. Wow … what a difference, and in one sweep of a cotton wool pad it removed all the make up and there was no scrubbing away and no redness around my eyes at all. Probably because of the lash strengthening oils in this product as well, my eyelashes felt softer and more conditioned.

Clarins eye make up remover

No contest for me. I felt so much more comfortable easing the make up off this way and there would be no panda eyes to scare my husband in the morning!. There is, of course a price difference, and I know friends of mine can’t use a lot of products on their eyes because of their sensitivity but I was fine with the Clarins and as you can tell from the half empty bottle, I have been using this a lot. By the way, you just need to shake the bottle up before you use it to mix up the contents. I suppose I feel that there are products that you can buy cheaper and it is sometimes down to budget but because I wear make up probably most days, then this is a key item to me and Clarins definitely wins in this contest.

So you have a bit of a tan and you want to make it look even better, so we’re talking illuminators and glow to make you look amazing and one of my favourites is the gorgeous brand Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector and this one is in the shade Opal. OMG, if you haven’t tried it yet, you will just LOVE it!!! It’s a lovely pearlised metallic glow which reflects light back and gives the skin that gorgeous soft look. Every time I put this on, it’s just one of those products that I adore.

Becca shimmering skin perfector


It makes such a difference to your skin. In texture, it’s lovely and thin and doesn’t feel tacky like some of them can do, and spreads and blends beautifully. You can use it on bare skin over your tan on your cheekbones, and I sometimes use in on my décolleté too and I put 3 different little parts of it on my cheek with a stippling brush (although you could use your finger), and then I blend it in with my brush or again you could use your fingers very lightly. Tell me if you don’t think that it looks gorgeous on a tan, as you are sitting there sipping your cocktails ??

So most of us need some sort of concealer particularly for under the eye and in my case, around the nose too, and maybe a little on the chin (in fact, why don’t I cover my whole face with concealer … no only joking .) This Kiko one claims to be full coverage and comes in a choice of 8 shades so you can be sure to find one for you – mine is 02 and I have fair skin. Everyone has different blemishes they want to cover and mine is a few age spots and slight darkness around the eyes and then redness around the nose so I am usually looking for a full coverage concealer.

kiko concealer

This Kiko one from the lovely Kiko Milano range is available online and there is a shop in London and we are lucky enough to have one in Nottingham so I am sure they will be opening up everywhere to rival Mac as their quality of product, particularly in the eyeshadows is amazing and they are so so much cheaper. The consistency is really lightweight and buildable which I personally like. My skin at the moment in summer has a slight oiliness to it and I always put moisturiser on before I apply my make up so the fact that it is slightly dry doesn’t bother me, but if you had really dry skin then maybe this isn’t for you. It has apparently got a sebum absorbing complex in it which would make it brilliant for very oily skins, but I find if fine as my t-zone does have a tendency towards oiliness anyway. I was really pleased with the way it covered up my age spots – sometimes I layered it over them a bit and it would probably cover rosacea as well, again depending how bad it is. Packaging wise it is lovely and compact, with a little mirror meaning that you can take it with you in your handbag and do touch ups later on in the day. The cost is £7.50 and it is so similar in product to the Bobbi Brown and the Mac which cost certainly over the £15 mark that for me, this is a product where I can buy a cheaper version but am super happy with the results.

I know I am a little late on the bandwagon with this one, but I finally thought to myself that I would purchase a Beauty Blender and see what all the hype was about, and in fact the one I purchased from Space NK had a little cleaning soap at the bottom too. Cute hey? Although any baby shampoo or soap would be fine to clean it with. The girls say I am a sucker for packaging!!! It got me too, because it is PINK in colour!!! Girlie!!!! The Beauty Blender was originally created by 2 Hollywood make up artists for a flawless airbrush finish. (That’s what we are all hoping for in our dreams!)

Beauty blender

So first of all you wet it, squeeze it out and then apply the foundation from your hand and dab away on your face. The elliptical shape of it means that it is brilliant for getting into the corners around the eyes and the nose. I really liked the actual process of dabbing away on my face and tried it with both tinted moisturisers and light foundations and was really pleased how it did achieve that flawless look as sometimes with lighter products you struggle to get an evenness. With a heavier foundation I probably didn’t find it as good although it’s all about putting it on in thin layers. So will I use it ?– yes I will. I will probably alternate it with my foundation brush depending on what sort of look and what sort of product I am using. Oh …. And it’s brilliant for using with creamy concealers under the eyes! So better late than never … and I am pleased I finally got around to the Beauty Blender.

I hope you enjoyed it for this week. Please let me know your thoughts on the Beauty Blender … oh and if you have been on a Date Night this week! I hope you have.
Love as Always

Gill xxx

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Hello Everyone and welcome to another Friday’s blog

…. How quickly they come round! This week has probably been a whirlwind of life experiences and I have had so much fun and loved it enormously. Thank goodness the injection in my spine has helped so much and I have been able to live life to the full, literally and keep going …. I just wanted to quickly thank you all for reading my blog, to those that leave the lovely comments , “Thank You” as it truly makes such a difference to hear from you all, and for those of you recommending me on to your friends and family, again “Thank You” to you too, and for those of you in the USA and other countries, a bit heartfelt “Thank You”, as I never expected it so soon. When I decided to write this blog, I felt I could only write it in the way in which I would want to read a blog like this myself – an honest account of my life with all the wonderful experiences that we have and writing about the loves of my life – beauty, some fashion, and experiences – some good and some bad.

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Hello Everyone and welcome to this week’s blog!
I thought I would just start off with a little review of my Valentine’s Day last Saturday … you know by now what a romantic I am …. Well the day started beautifully with my husband making me my favourite breakfast and then he gave me a lovely card and present then started apologising that my flowers hadn’t arrived. Apparently he had requested them to be delivered before 9.00am (he is a very early bird!) and he had everything organised …. But oh dear …. No flowers had arrived and you could see he wasn’t happy …… an hour later a text came to my phone that the courier was about 40 minutes away …. I knew that the poor delivery man was not going to get a very welcome reception as he was late. The poor man was probably going to all his deliveries getting abuse from men who had paid for early deliveries. Anyway, they arrived … and they were truly beautiful and my husband has to take up his complaint with the delivery company. It didn’t put a damper on our happy day though and we had a beautiful meal together in a gorgeous restaurant surrounded by all sorts of couples and family groups too – all out celebrating. Beautiful. I hope you all had fun on Valentines Day as well.


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