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Hi Lovelies

Welcome to another week in the life of …. and this week has seen me struggling with that awful cold, like I am sure loads of you have been, such is the change in the weather. My appetite has waned (good for weight loss hehe!) and I have been drinking loads of tea and Vitamin C! But, I am coming out the other side and will be back on top to my normal enthusiastic self, whereas this week has been that awful,”I am too tired to do much”, which totally isn’t me. That crazy pre-Christmas season is nearly upon us and I need to be ready for it …. fully prepped and ready to go! I am off to London again tomorrow for meetings and of course, some shopping, and am hoping to go to the gorgeous Christmas Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London – possibly have a go ice skating on the rink there … although that could be disastrous particularly after a glass of mulled wine from the beautiful stalls there at the Christmas market. Fingers crossed!

Let’s get on to some beauty …. and help to say goodbye to that Winter Skin as one of my Holy Grail products Elemis Pro Collagen Marine Cream makes it to the front of the pack of products again. This cult moisturiser is what shot the Elemis brand to fame and onto everyone’s radar to help them become the huge brand that they are now. Formulated with marine extracts this cream claims to help reduce wrinkle depth and help improve your skin’s texture and tone.


I love Elemis and certainly the quality of ingredients is reflected in the price as this 30ml moisturises comes in at £50, which is quite a price tag to carry. However I often look at the deals that they have on QVC (you can go online if you don’t want to watch it) and you can pick up some amazing savings on Elemis. The cream is really lightweight but is incredibly hydrating and perfect I would say for anyone with dry/combination skin and my skin certainly improves in texture and tone when I continue using this. I always put it over a nourishing serum in the morning and then pop my make up over it. This product is slightly fragranced (it actually smells really nice) and so would be one to avoid if you don’t like that, but even me with my sensitive skin seem to have no problem in using it. It’s one of those products that you need to give time to really see results as well and it just keeps getting better and better. It’s an oldie …. but it’s a goodie.

Don’t we just love Bobbi Brown and everything that she stands for. An ongoing problem for a lot of people is dark circles under their eyes and Bobbi’s answer is to use a corrector first in either pinky bisque tones on purple or blueish circles or peach tones for brown or greenish circles. I obtained the corrector in light bisque.



Its lovely and hydrating and and really creamy so you don’t need much product for it to cover and correct and is probably best applied with a concealer brush and then patted gently with your finger. It certainly for me blocks out any circles coming through. The problem is though that you can’t use corrector alone and then need to apply a skin tone matching concealer which I obtained in Beige and then this has a pale yellow sheer powder with which to set it all, otherwise I think you might have problems with mascara transferring.


I found the important thing was to not apply too much product at a time and for me, because I do have lines under my eyes, I did find that I had to pat it in slightly later in the day as well. On younger skin with no lines or really fine lines, I think both products are amazing, but if you have a lot of lines underneath your eyes, this would definitely be settling in your wrinkles and actually probably almost looking worse. The cheapest price for the corrector was £17.10 and for the concealer was £19.00. Not cheap but they would last you ages and if your major problem is really dark circles, then perhaps you make the decision to show a few wrinkles but you under eye is brightened and you look less tired. Decisions…. decisions …



Lastly onto some pretties …. a gorgeous mini eye shadow palette from Autograph, Marks and Spencers.  Marks and Spencers constantly surprise me with the ranges that they keep bringing out and their Beauty Hall is amazing with the quality of different brands that they stock but this one is their own brand.  This little palette is going to be my party go to eye palette with its blend of lighter, mid and dark shades taking you from a fairly muted look right through to the smoky eye look with darker shades for under the eyes and using on the outer corners of the eye.


Most of the beautiful colours in the browns and copper ranges (but there is also a gorgeous dark green in there with a bit of sparkle), have shimmer in them, but its not over the top sparkle which would be too much, its nice party shimmer which will catch the light and attract attention to your gorgeous eyes.  I am loving this palette and am enjoying playing around with it to achieve some really Christmassy party looks.  What’s life without a bit of highlight/shimmer?  At any age. ….

That’s it for this week and I sending you all lots of love and huggles (is that cuddles and hugs?) in front of the toasty fire.


Gill xx

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Hello Lovelies and welcome to another lovely Spring Friday here. The blossom is coming out and I am feeling so much happier in the sunshine and the time that we are able to spend outside really affects the soul.


What has been happening this week? Well I was reading a very interesting article yesterday in one of the newspapers and it came as no surprise to me that the headline was “Over 50’s women are the biggest buyers of beauty products” fuelled by the rise in using older cosmetic brand ambassadors such as the likes of Dame Helen Mirren, Jane Fonda, Twiggy etc , with the 40’s coming in the next bracket and the 60’s the next, saying that these groups are much more likely to pay for premium products to help maintain a more youthful appearance …. I can vouch for that. Nowadays women want to look as lovely as they can for as long as they can and they are going out there and buying the products to help with all of that and I guess a lot of you reading this blog are totally all feeling the same!!! Obviously the benefits of using good beauty products shows without doubt in the appearance of your skin, but also, don’t you find it is that whole luxurious experience of putting something gorgeous smelling or beautifully soft on your skin…. it really does make you feel so much better in the head …. as well as in the body ……

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Hello Lovelies

Welcome to this Friday’s blog and a catch up on life and all things Beauty. In the UK Spring is well and truly here with the temperatures warming up and we have been lucky enough to have fantastically blue skies on many days lighting up our normally dull, grey skies. Easter was such a lovely weekend with people taking time off from work to spend with their families, and unlike the chaos that we usually have at Christmas time, Easter was a chilled affair, seeing a few friends and spending time with my all important family.

B and H

Becky and Holly had arranged for us all to go on a Cake Pop making course at Strawberry Cupcakes in Nottingham – they knew that I would love it – although my attempts at cake making over the years are nothing to shout about!! As we arrived a little girl’s birthday party was ending there and I thought what a popular girl she would be to have such a cool party … making Cake Pops and then eating them … she would be favourite in the class.

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